Tales from EdTech Accelerators


You have a great idea! You’ve started your edtech business but now you need help growing. You’re considering joining an accelerator, but what do they really do for you? In this session you will hear the whole truth and nothing but the truth from edtech entreprensures who collectively have participated in 6 different accelerator programs. They will tell you the key questions you should be asking yourself and the accelerator before applying.

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  1. Attendees will learn the pros and cons of accelerators and have real examples of how accelerators can support your business growth
  2. Attendees will learn about 6 different accelerators and hear first-hand accounts of how to get the most out of one for your startup stage.
  3. Attendees will get advice and inside knowledge about how to apply and navigate an accelerator once you are accepted



Monica Brady-Myerov, CEO & Founder, Listenwise

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