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Modernizing Learning Using Experiential Education

Most modern learning environments do not look markedly different than those from a century ago. To modernize education, we must consider what is known about how people learn and how to best prepare students for their next career stage. Experiential education provides students with opportunities to work with communities solving real-world problems. This panel focuses on best practices for experiential education, overcoming challenges, and how these approaches can promote diversity in STEM fields.

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  1. Understand how experiential education opportunities promote student engagement and intrinsic motivation for learning both content and skills.
  2. Learn about different types of experiential learning, and benefits and challenges of implementing these experiences, with specific examples provided.
  3. Recognize how experiential education can be beneficial in promoting retention and learning among women and underrepresented minority STEM students.



Jennifer Stanford, Asst Prof, Drexel University

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