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Tomorrowland: The On-Demand Life of 2050

Technology has come a long way since Cher Horowitz gave us a taste of the future with her automated closet in Clueless. Soon we’ll live that grand ambition of an automated life, where a meal, new outfit, and any imaginable good will be available at your convenience. DoorDash and Stitch Fix will discuss our automated, on-demand future, where technologies like AI will put your whole life no further than the push of a button away.

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  1. How have on-demand services affected consumer behavior to date, and where do you see that trend in another 10-20 years from now?
  2. How far away are we from a fully-automated life, and what are the steps between now and then?
  3. How will technologies like artificial intelligence transform consumer products and services?



Liz Hamel, PR, The Hatch Agency

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