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Be the company you want to keep

David Jones, CEO of Havas Worldwide, is a powerful evangelist of corporate social responsibility within the advertising industry and the larger business world. He proved himself early on to be a visionary, foreseeing and speaking out on the critical importance of responsibility and transparency for corporations, leaders and governments—and social media’s role in establishing it—even before events such as the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, Kony 2012 and Move Your Money brought these issues to the forefront. David will speak about his view of a future in which digitally empowered consumers, employees and stakeholders will help define a more democratic and sustainable style of capitalism that rewards socially responsible business—and takes down those that misbehave. As his case studies will show, social media now gives unprecedented power to the individual, in particular the young generation, to make their voices heard as never before.




Yvonne Bond, Global Communications Director, Euro RSCG

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