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Maker learning and school leadership

The future sustainability of maker learning programs in K-12 depends on administrators getting involved and making systemic changes to schools. This panel discussion features school and district leaders who are integrating maker learning and using it as a means to build community, change instructional practice, and redesign school. Administrators share their struggles and successes, and the ways that a sense of "maker empowerment" has affected the way they approach their work.

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  1. Learn about the successes and challenges of integrating maker-centered learning school- and district-wide from a leadership perspective.
  2. Learn about the strategic ways that school and district leaders are leveraging maker learning to build community and redesign school.
  3. Learn about the journeys and growth trajectories of administrators as makers, and how a sense of "maker empowerment" affects school leadership.



Colin Angevine, Program Mgr of Maker Learning, Digital Promise

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