The Surprising Keys to Supporting New Teachers


Imagine building a house by yourself. Now imagine a whole neighborhood of houses, each built largely by a single person. Pretty inefficient, right? The most valuable human skill is our ability to collaborate. Yet, right now authentic, enduring collaboration is difficult for all educators, especially those newest to the field. Come hear about our research on what drives teacher collaboration, and work with other participants to spark a revolution in new teacher support in your school.

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  1. Participants will learn about what qualities and characteristics teachers say drive--and inhibit--authentic collaboration.
  2. Participants will learn about what motivates teachers to ask for--and offer--guidance, advice, and resources among peers.
  3. Participants will understand how to use this info to assess and improve the state of new teacher collaboration and development in their schools.



Kristen Fleury, Classroom Teacher & Education Consultant, Milton Public Schools

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