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From Crowdsourced Film to Social Movement

For the last several years SXSW has been rife with content about crowdsourcing projects as well as talks about ways to leverage social technology to galvanize social movements. In this discussion we bring those topics together - examining how a film that in years past may have been considered a niche project not only gets made, but expands beyond its niche into a more broad-based interest audience while it also sparks a social movement. An accomplished filmmaker, a newly minted film producer, an award-winning, well-known actress and head of a paradigm shifting distribution company will discuss how they changed the game and what they learned with A Perfect Ending.

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  1. How can you leverage social media to take a film perceived as niche and turn it into something with more widespread appeal?
  2. What is the best way to engage through social media to build on the themes/message of a film and create a social movement that goes beyond the film itself?
  3. How can you address distribution challenges to gain wider visibility for your work and what are some new approaches?
  4. What are the main challenges/obstacles to be aware of in making a film this way and how do you overcome them?
  5. From the actor/writer/director perspective - how does the creative process change and evolve in this environment? What's the impact on developing a project when the funding is rolling out at the same time that the work is being done?



Melanie Rice, Founder, MRE Talent

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