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Student Tech Teams Supporting 1-1 iPad Deployments

Verizon Innovative Learning Schools initiative directed by Digital Promise provides students and teachers with iPads and LTE data, empowering them to be content creators, adept problem-solvers, and responsible consumers of digital media. Student tech teams are key to the initiative, giving them ownership and a chance to lead others. Student techs support this project in many ways, from prepping new iPads to running a helpdesk. In this session, tech team students will share their experiences.

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  1. Attendees understand the student benefits from learning concepts of technology operations and strategies to troubleshoot current technologies.
  2. Attendees understand the limitations and benefits for students, schools and teachers when implementing Student Tech Teams.
  3. Attendees will acquire information and resources to allow them to implement student tech teams to support school tech initiatives.



Michael Mades, Technical Project Dir, Digital Promise

Meta Information:

  • Tags: ipad, 1-1
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Implementation
  • Level: Basic Understanding
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