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How will Virtual Reality change education?

Isn’t learning all about immersion? Diving into the unknown and learning through discovery? Getting your hands dirty in the lab, going on a field trip or building something awesome with classmates. Those are the experiences you learn from and remember 50+ years later. What technology suits this purpose better than virtual reality? Will this technology truly change the world and find its way to classrooms around the world? Or is just a fad and no substitute for real learning?

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  1. Technology and media have the power to take us outside our bodies and outside time: they mesmerisme and often addict us, what is the solution?
  2. Many parents who work for high-tech companies like Google, Apple and Yahoo in Silicone Valley ban electronics use. Is Technology a friend or foe?
  3. VR Education is a game changer. How do we use it as a tool of teaching, not as a substitute? and how will it effect children in developing countries?



Clayton Doherty, Pres/Co-Founder, World VR Forum

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