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Sky's No Limit: Propelling Students into STEM

This panel will discuss space-based research opportunities in suborbital and low-Earth orbit, using the mystique of space to engage the next generation of innovators and explorers. Realizing the visions expressed by industry leaders to live and thrive outside Earth requires a workforce that can turn such aspirations into tangible results. An astronaut, a student researcher, and an aerospace engineer will discuss how to inspire students to choose STEM classes, projects and ultimately careers.

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  1. Understanding the accessibility of space-based educational opportunities to students and educators in schools around the world
  2. Learning how participation in hands-on learning opportunities can promote student engagement in science in the classroom
  3. Conveying how engagement in space research leads students to pursue STEM careers, addressing the STEM and aerospace industries' skills crisis



Lauren Milord, Partnerships & Outreach Mgr, DreamUp

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