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Gifted 2.0: Can Every Student Become Advanced?

From Albert Einstein to Steve Jobs, it’s a common assumption that geniuses are born, not made—and traditional approaches to gifted education reflect that assumption. However, research shows virtually ANY student can perform at “gifted” levels with the right support—and new personalized learning solutions finally allow that support to be scaled for all students. This panel explores new instructional approaches that can help all students become “advanced learners” and achieve their full potential.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about different theories of “gifted” education, and the research that suggests that any student can achieve “gifted’ status
  2. Learn about new personalized learning tools and instructional approaches that can help every student perform at advanced levels
  3. Learn approaches that can be applied to your classroom to help every student reach their full potential



Matthew Fields, Founder,

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