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Wait, What?! Bias is Killing Me?

Unconscious (implicit) bias refers to attitudes and stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner. A large body of compelling research has demonstrated the impact of unconscious bias on health and health disparities especially among individuals from diverse communities. This session will highlight the impact of provider and patient bias on health and healthcare. Panelists will provide proven strategies to address bias for both patients and providers.

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  1. What is unconscious provider bias and how may it harm one’s health? Can patients be biased towards their providers?
  2. What tools are available to assess unconscious bias? How can providers minimize the impact of unconscious bias on health disparities?
  3. How may my biases towards my provider be harmful to my health? What can I do as a patient to minimize the impact of unconscious bias on my health?



Rene Salazar, Asst Dean for Diversity, Dell Medical School at UT Austin

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