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Digital Accessibility: The Last 5 Years and Beyond

Conversations around digital accessibility at institutions are usually focused on websites or systems students and instructors use. Unfortunately, that leaves out the millions of digital course content items - ultimately the most important content for a student – that are shared regularly. This session will explore a first-of-its-kind study that looked across a range of institutions to understand the current state of play and trends in the accessibility of course content.

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  1. Explore a first-of-its-kind study examining the accessibility of 21 million course content items in 700,000 courses.
  2. Discover trends and patterns that emerged from research on the accessibility of digital course content.
  3. Understand the impact of digital accessibility issues on institutions, faculty and students.


  • Nicolaas Matthijs, Senior Product Manager, Blackboard


Shawnee Cohn, Public Relations Assoc, Blackboard

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