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#FailFest - A Learnshop on Risk-Taking

Failure is often treated as a bad word in education yet so many of the inventors and creators of our time often failed miserably multiple times in life. Failure and risk-taking are a part of the learning process. During this interactive "Learnshop", we’ll learn what barriers we create to stifle creativity and how to overcome them, as well as take a few risks ourselves. Come ready to move! Afterall, it’s not how you fall down, it’s how you get back up!

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  1. To identify the mental and emotional factors that stifle creativity and risk-taking
  2. To discuss strategies for how to overcome these barriers in the classroom or school.
  3. To gather a toolkit of resources to use to open up pathways of creativity in the school and classroom.



Carl Hooker, Dir of Innovation & Digital Learning, Eanes ISD

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