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Educational Robotics in Brazilian public schools

This workshop proposes to present the Pedagogical Model for the use of educational robotics and teaching of programming for the construction of computational thinking in public schools in the city of Cascavel, Paraná. For this, we propose to present in a dynamic workshop and hand in hand, which would allow the participants a clear view of this model, which was constructed from 5 years of experiences in public elementary schools.

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  1. To present to teachers a pedagogical model applied in public schools in Cascavel / PR / Brazil.
  2. Provide subsidies to the participants with the report of our experience for the implementation of low cost robotics.
  3. As children who participate in robotics projects in Brazil are learning more than computing.



JOCEMAR DO NASCIMENTO, Coordenador de Projetos, Fundação para o Desenvolvimento Cientifico e Tecnológico de Cascavel - FUNDETEC

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