High Quality Project Based Learning

One-third of Americans engage in project-based work. Schools are responding by implementing project based learning. The growing adoption of PBL is promising, but educators need a common definition for what is high quality. In hopes there is more equitable access to high quality PBL, 100+ educators from around the world created a Framework for High Quality PBL. Participants will hear from educators and students about how engaging in high quality projects has made a lasting impact on their lives.

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  1. Participants will learn high quality PBL practices explained within the Framework and expand awareness for how to help create equitable access to PBL
  2. Participants will hear how typically underserved students are engaging in powerful high quality PBL experiences and about examples projects
  3. Participants will learn 2-3 ways to implement high quality PBL and understand 2-3 ways to get started implementing it with free resources



Rich Dixon, Dir of Partnership Dev, Buck Institute for Education

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