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Not "Random Acts of STEM": Planned Career Success

Leaders from the STEM Learning Ecosystems Initiative will discuss how partners from diverse backgrounds and practices are working together to establish rigorous, engaging education pathways to equip students for careers (and life). They will share examples to demonstrate that any community, regardless of size or challenge, can build a successful STEM ecosystem, to reframe how students learn, how teachers teach, and how workforce pipelines with STEM-skilled individuals can be built and sustained.

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  1. K12 schools, museums, colleges, employers and industry: how they’re working together to devise regional education paths for career success.
  2. Drive innovation by aligning in and out-of-school learning; offering varied environments, educators, and partners; improving equity and diversity.
  3. STEM jobs are higher paying (and our students compete with others around the world for them). STEM literacy is imperative for US economic vitality.



Claire LaBeaux, Communications Consultant, PR Claire

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