Who’s Got the Remote? Makin’ Learner Agency Real


As curriculum, instruction, and assessment shifts to be competency-based and personalized, learner agency emerges as a necessity, how can we both hand over the remote, and help learners select the proper channels for their unique strengths and challenges? Or help learners push up the volume of their engagement and motivation? Experience how Universal Design for Learning (UDL) could be the remote that empowers learners to direct the what, how, and why of their learning.

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  1. Understanding agency: Step into the learner’s shoes to experience the value of using the Universal Design for Learning lens to build learner agency.
  2. Scaffolding agency: Learn strategies to model learner agency and use instructional techniques to give greater voice and choice to the learners.
  3. Formalizing agency: Create action steps to foster learner agency and advocacy in your own learning environment.



Kathleen McClaskey, Personalized Learning & UDL Consultant, Make Learning Personal

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