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Win Friends & Influence People with Mind Reading

Want to be a better boss or barista? Thanks to evolutionary eons of pre-language homanid collaboration, we're hard-wired to intuit what's in other people's heads and harmonize our thoughts and emotions with theirs. But too often our mind-reading instincts are overridden by the drive to win arguments. This talk will unlock your mind-reading mojo, first by digging into recent neuroscience research, then by reviewing techniques perfected by mind-reading magicians. The result: you'll become more adept at running meetings, selling, brainstorming and just plain-old getting along with other minds.

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  1. Wow do mirror neurons work?
  2. What strategies do magicians use to get subjects to divulge information about themselves?
  3. Why is it far easier to brainstorm with some people than others?
  4. Does caffeine facilitate knowledge sharing?
  5. What body language facilitates a high-bandwidth idea exchange?



Henry Copeland, CEO,

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