SXSW 2018

Design in the Era of the Algorithm


Designers have an urgent role to play in crafting the emerging generation of AI interfaces. This hour explores a rich set of examples—both entertaining and sobering—that unearth 10 design principles for creating responsible machine-learning applications. Learn to use AI as design material in your everyday work. Anticipate the weird, unexpected or incorrect conclusions the machines sometimes deliver. Above all, scrub data for bias to create a respectful and inclusive world we all want to live in.

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  1. I'm a designer, not a data scientist. What's my role in AI? How can I start using machine learning in my everyday work, starting today?
  2. How can design set better expectations and confidence in the accuracy and perspective of AI interfaces? (We're still bad at this.)
  3. What are the ethical responsibilities—and actionable tasks—to root out data bias and create inclusive services? (We're bad at this, too.)



Josh Clark, Principal, Big Medium

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  • Event: SXSW
  • Format: Solo
  • Track: Intelligent Future
  • Track 2
  • Level: Advanced

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