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An Insider’s Preview to the SXSW Film Festival

Kick off SXSW Film right on Day One by getting insider tips, strategies and advice you can use to maximize your time at the film fest, straight from some of today’s most influential film pundits. Offering up a “sneak preview” of SXSW’s most anticipated screenings and movie-related happenings, these insiders will also share cinema-etiquette tips to help fans get the most out of their experience and insider news about surprise screenings that are off the radar of the general public.

Moderated by Chuck Walton, Editor-in-Chief at Fandango, confirmed panelists include Twitter’s John Adams (from the popular “How Not to Be a Douchebag at SXSW” panel), Anne Thompson (IndieWire), Jen Yamato (Movieline), Erik Davis (, and Brian Salisbury (Alamo Drafthouse’s Badass Digest).

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Chuck Walton, Editor-in-Chief, Fandango

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