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The Talent Myth: Drawing Is A Teachable Skill

Learning to draw doesn't have to depend on talent- it is a teachable skill, just like reading or mathematics. As educators, we've propagated the talent myth, but with Graphite Squad drawing curriculum, your 5th-8th graders can learn college level visual skills that will enable them to communicate with the universal language of drawing. Let's teach drawing step by step and equip our students with Spatial Reasoning & Design Thinking skills that will empower them for the 21st Century.

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  1. What if our natural instincts of how to draw are wrong? With one small adjustment, we can all improve, heal creativity scars & learn to be resilient.
  2. Young students, regardless of natural ability, can learn college level drawing skills when taught with cumulative, step-by-step instruction.
  3. Drawing equips students with skills of sequencing, spatial thinking, creative problem solving, observation, concentration & small motor development.



Laurie Mann, Founder, LZM Studio

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