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A First Class Challenge to Medical Education

The vision of Dell Medical School is to create a vital, inclusive health ecosystem. In terms of medical education, initiatives and partnerships, the school is at the forefront, and its students are part of its exciting, experimental approach to health and wellness. From case-based learning to a longitudinal primary care experience to a leadership curriculum run by an executive coach and more, some of Dell's inaugural class will share how they've begun to ReThink health and wellness.


  1. How does the curriculum at Dell allow medical students to improve and preserve the health and wellness of their future patients and themselves?
  2. Are you all ever overwhelmed with the expectation that you are being trained to be a new kind of leader in medicine?
  3. What activities outside of the medical school curriculum have allowed you to view patients as more than just an illness that needs to be treated?



Eugene Kim, Medical Student - Second Year, Dell Medical School at UT Austin

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