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Why Shopping Will Never Be The Same

It’s no secret that mobile is revolutionizing how people shop and pay, quickly becoming the digital hub of consumer's lives. They want what they want … when they want it – anytime, anywhere. It’s a new world for retailers of all shapes and sizes. Retailers realize that mobile is the way to go, but what exactly does that mean? Steve Yankovich, the head of eBay Mobile, will share his thoughts on how retailers can connect and engage with consumers on their iPhones, iPads, in store, at home, and everywhere in between. The technologies packed in today’s mobile devices – from image recognition and barcode scanning to push alerts and geofencing – are all prime opportunities for retailers to make shopping fun and tailor-made for each individual consumer. Based on eBay’s experience partnering with retailers, Steve also will share tips and tricks on how retailers can compete and win in the new commerce environment.

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  1. How do consumers’ online and offline habits differ, and why should retailers care?
  2. What are retailers currently doing to engage consumers on their mobile phone?
  3. What does the next mobile commerce opportunity look like?
  4. How can retailers take advantage of mobile with shoppers who are in-store?
  5. What are the opportunities for retailers to engage with consumers even when they aren’t shopping?



Joshua Luebke, Account Executive, Edelman

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