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Cities as Incubators for Successful Aging

Given the twin trends of urban living and shifting demography and the positive change within our reach, the pursuit of healthy, productive, and purposeful aging must become a priority for civic leaders. With the continuing partisanship and discord at the federal level, the nation’s cities are poised to lead, serving as labs for ideas and incubation in response to the new realities. Our workshop applies futurist exercises to imagine environments that best harness the longevity dividend.

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  1. How can leaders create agency-wide awareness and embed the consideration of aging adults into city planning amid sweeping demographic changes?
  2. How can diversity precedents recognize the economic and social benefits of incorporating older adults into the talent matrix?
  3. How might cities proactively prepare for aging along the entire longevity continuum, via infrastructure, workforce development, and social inclusion?



Vivian Vasallo , Managing Dir , Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging

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