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Programming as an Empowerment Tool for Education

Bringing Computer Science (CS) to K12 can be an interesting context for implementing a comprehensive education view. In this session, we aim to share how a partnership between Ayrton Senna Institute, Departments of Education and Universities has made it possible to bring it to public schools in 10 cities of Brazil. The goal will be to discuss how teachers from different backgrounds and with no prior experience in the field are working to help students develop the 21st century skills through CS.

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  1. How computer science to K-12 can contribute to a comprehensive view of education, in which cognitive and social and emotional learning happens.
  2. How public school teachers from 10 cities of Brazil with no prior experience in CS lead classes of the computational thinking literacy project.
  3. How students and teachers can develop 21st century skills through the practice of programming



Amaral Oliveira, Analyst, Instituto Ayrton Senna

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