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A farm inside a brewery


It’s one of the biggest questions facing America, the world and the planet: How are we gonna feed everybody without draining all our resources? One of the answers to that question is growing inside an old brewery in St. Paul, Minnesota. It’s called Urban Organics, the biggest aquaponics farm in the country. It’s a sustainable farm in which fish and veggies help each other grow, using just two percent of the water that traditional agriculture requires. And way less energy.

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  1. What is aquaponics and what does it have to do with the world's food deserts and energy crises?
  2. How could we take the successful experiment in St. Paul and bring it to the rest of the world?
  3. What's the connection between this new kind of sustainable farm and economic development? What does it mean for community and placemaking?



Amy Krueger, Strategic Marketing Writer, Haberman

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