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How Art Invites Us to Look, Wonder, and Converse

Keats once said, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” and he may have a point—at least if we define beauty, or art, as something more than cosmetic or uplifting. If beauty is truth, and truth is beauty, then beauty encompasses light and dark, good and evil, negative and positive. Such art offers opportunities for us to examine our world on both personal and public levels and use it to create safe spaces in which we discuss the subjects that unite and divide us.

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  1. Why does art cause us to pause and wonder?
  2. Why does art motivate us to talk about it?
  3. And, if art causes us to think and to talk, how might we use the medium as a conduit for honest and sometimes difficult conversations?



Erin Feldman, Content Writer, Editor, & Strategist, Write Right

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