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Makerspaces: Making Space for Diversity

Makerspaces can provide even more powerful learning opportunities when an element of diversity is purposefully integrated into the maker experience. In this session, join the conversation with a panel of different types of library professionals and learn ways to infuse a variety of cultures, appeal to different ages and genders, and expand awareness of different socioeconomic groups in makered activities to cultivate a broader understanding of the world for a deeper learning experience.

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  1. Attendees will collect a wider network of resources to experiment with to create meaningful maker opportunities that emphasize inclusivity.
  2. Manage maker projects appealing to different genders and ages while strengthening relationships among different participants in a singular activity.
  3. Implement maker activities that demonstrate a broader understanding of diverse cultures and socioeconomic groups while expanding global knowledge.



Stacy Brown, 21st Century Learning Coord, The Davis Academy

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