Weekly Teacher Feedback For Your Edtech Product


Constant user feedback is essential to building products that resonate with teachers. But how do you integrate that feedback into your product roadmap and designs? In this session, we’ll describe how TeachersConnect implemented an Agile process to create one-week design sprints fueled by weekly teacher feedback. We’ll share how we set up the process, and we'll give you the key ingredients and frameworks to make teacher feedback a fundamental part of your design and development process.

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  1. Understand the elements of a one-week design sprint
  2. Learn about how to set up a one-week design sprint with weekly teacher feedback for your edtech product or service.
  3. Learn about specific TeachersConnect product features that arose directly (as well as some that were never developed) from weekly teacher feedback.



David Meyers, CEO & Co-founder, TeachersConnect

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