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Applying Research to Truly Personalize Learning

One critical aspect of personalized learning is too often missing: the use of learning sciences research to best understand and reach each learner. Technology can make this growing body of research accessible and practical so developers and educators can use it to truly support the full diversity of learners. In this session, participants will explore a new way to use the latest research in K-3 math and reading to understand strategies for reaching all learners in the classroom and with edtech.

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  1. An understanding of the cognitive, SEL, biographical, and content-specific factors learning science shows should be considered to personalize learning
  2. An understanding of the most current learning science research on PK-3 reading and math development
  3. An understanding of research-based strategies product developers and educators can use to personalize for the full diversity of learners



Susanne Nobles, Partnerships Dir, Digital Promise Global

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