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EscapePods: DeeperLearning Escape Experience

We are on a mission to help students & teachers dive into the curriculum & escape standard assessments. To reach our goal, for the first time ever SXSWedu is featuring a three-day interactive, immersive 20 min pop-up experience & exhibition of Deeper Learning EscadePods, which combine the fun of the international craze of escape/puzzle rooms & the educational importance of helping students get better at working with knowledge, problem solving, collaborating, and giving & receiving feedback.

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  1. Dive Deep: gain an understanding of Deeper Learning in schools, escape rooms, and their applications in education.
  2. Gain Tools: gain tangible resources for implementing escape rooms as a teaching & assessment model in your classrooms and at school.
  3. Approach Assessments Differently: learn how to use escape rooms to give students actionable feedback & evaluate Deeper Learning competencies.



Jessica Brown, Student Experience Lab Assoc, Business Innovation Factory

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