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SXSW Music 2013

Essential Music Royalties

This panel will focus on five separate royalty income streams that are essential to music producers, recording artists, and songwriters. The five royalty streams that will be discussed are: Music Publishing Royalties, Master Royalties, Sound Recording Royalties, Home Taping and Rental Royalties. Each panelist will discuss how these separate royalties are generated and collected. Each royalty income stream will be examined and differentiated so the audience will have an understanding of the separate royalties that exist for creators of music.

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  1. What are the differences between publishing royalties and master royalties?
  2. What are the income streams of publishing royalties?
  3. Who can collect and how do you collect sound recording royalties?
  4. What are home taping and rental royalties and how can you collect them?
  5. How important are all of these royalties to the careers of music producers, recording artists and songwriters?



Travis McFetridge, President, Great South Bay Music Group Inc.

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