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SXSWedu 2017

The Ant in Every Giant: Education In Business

With growth organizations can become plagued with bureaucracy, politics and distrust. Turning into giants with large cumbersome thinking. Size doesn’t matter; culture does. Any institution can have the power of a giant and the strength, speed and ingenuity of an ant.

Create a 360 degree team and develop the skills using unique pedagogy developed by Amy’s Ice Creams.

Move resources around your organization to solve complex problems with regular communication, education, and lasting change.

Identify your company’s stage of growth and what leadership and teaching styles are recommended to develop the entrepreneurial attitude in a team.

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  1. Create a 360 degree team with regular evaluation systems, leadership development and mentor/mentee method to make your teams successful.
  2. Learn the benefit of regular communications, processes to manage resources, and how to make effective and lasting change in your organization.
  3. Identify what growth stage your company is in and what leadership and teaching styles are recommended to develop an entrepreneurial attitude.


  • Mark Banks, Education Director, Amy's EDU
  • Aaron M. Clay, Co Founder, Amy's EDU
  • Katy Louise Thompson, Client Service Manager, Amy's EDU


Katy Louise Thompson, Client Svcs, Amy's EDU

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