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If you Build It, They Will Learn

Come join us for an interactive and hands-on LEGO Education workshop aimed at 2nd-5th grade elementary language arts, reading and writing teachers! We have multiple examples of how hands-on tools are helping students better engage in the classroom. This has been very successful with STEM related topics and the need to engage more students in reading and writing is critical. In this workshop, you will learn how to implement LEGO Education StoryStarter, a new language arts product, in your classroom. Students can use StoryStarter to literally build their own stories. Through a structured and guided building process, students explore the components of writing, story structure and different story genres. During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to work in groups to build your story, learn how to align with the new language arts common core standards and receive tips and tricks on how LEGO Education bricks can make your students better readers, writers and communicators.

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Trisha McDonell, Public Relations Manager, LEGO Education

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