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Slaying Scalpers For The Beyhive and Beyond

The global market leader for ticketing and innovation, Ticketmaster will lead a panel of music, live event and tech industry insiders to address consumers’ frustrations head on in securing tickets while also exploring what is being built to provide fans with the best ticketing experience to get tickets into the hands of real fans. We’ll delve into bad acting bots, the shady scalpers who use them, and what steps are being taken to combat them. Both the music industry and consumers will gain insight into the lengths that Ticketmaster goes to in order to ensure safe, reliable access to tickets. We’ll also explore what makes a Ticketmaster ticket the safest.

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  1. What can we do together to get tickets into the hands of real fans?
  2. What effective security measures are in place to combat bot issues?
  3. What innovative technologies are being built to combat bots?



Ashley Dos Santos, Dir of Comms, Ticketmaster

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