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Looking Abroad: Labels Increasing Exports


The United States accounts for 33% of the Global Market (according to the most recent IFPI Report), leaving 66% of the Market potentially untapped by labels. The digital era has enabled record labels to zero in on where their fans live, giving them the ability to elevate their brand in new territories. This panel will talk about the benefits of exporting, even in emerging territories, and what it looks like for labels of all sizes.

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  1. How is your label currently handling exports, if at all? Do you see any negatives, or obstacles?
  2. How long does it typically take to see the value, or the return on investment, from exporting?
  3. When considering emerging markets, how do you choose where you export, given that 66% of the global market is outside the U.S.?



Jennifer Masset, Sr Dir Member Svcs, A2IM

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