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SXSWedu 2017

Fashion and freedom: indigenous and quilombo cultu

This panel will present a documentary on transmedia format on the culture of indigenous and quilombo communities (formed by remnants of slaves) and discuss the relevance of a project to generate income, identity creation and dissemination of cultural elements o this excluded population. This project will be developed through the joint between fashion producers and these communities and establish a development mechanism of products based on these cultures and geared for export. This project to be held in Maranhão state intends to serve a population of 15,000 inhabitants of indigenous communities and 1,300,000 of quilombos inhabitants.

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  1. Fashion can generate social inclusion?
  2. How to integrate traditional and indigenous communities around a marketing project of cultural artifacts?
  3. How to perform this connection without losing the traditional characteristics of these communities?



Lais Trevizano, Associação Era Transmídia

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