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SXSW 2017

Indie (yet global) fashion businesses

Independent fashion businesses often struggle to find a sustainable business model working locally, once they are usually niche brands. This session will disclose strategies and tools to foster independent brands' global reach, departing from the experience of young designers accelerator Brazilians To Be (BtoBe), whose start-ups have been undergoing a series of activities to understand their value proposition locally and scale it to a global proportion. The session will also bring case studies from Australia, Colombia, Poland and Russia showing that, nowadays, it is not mandatory to have a foot in Paris, London or NY to have a relevance in the fashion lanscape.

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  1. How to develop a global mindset as a fashion brand? How to find a value proposition with a global appeal?
  2. What are the key steps to elevate an independent fashion brand to a global level?
  3. What roles do buyers, press, retailers, associations, government and the end consumer play in making a fashion brand global?



EVILASIO MIRANDA COSTA, Founder, evilasiomiranda

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