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SXSW 2017

Women Leaders Shaping the Legal Marijuana Industry

While cannabis legalization continues to be a national conversation, there have been a many working behind the scenes for years pushing the envelope to help this great new industry flourish. This session will present a group of women from multiple industries who are at the top of their professions the only federally-sanctioned medical research study on cannabis and PTSD and the industry's top Hedge Fund owner to the most respected industry influencer on policy, media and marketing.

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  1. People compare the growth of the cannabis industry as the next tech boom, what are investors and fund managers looking to fund?
  2. What's happening now with legalization state-to-state and on a federal level?
  3. Why is panelist Dr. Sisley's PTSD study the ONLY one backed by the FDA. Why isn't there more funding for medical cannabis research?



Caroline Rustigian-Bruderer, Public Relations Specialist, K-LINE & Company

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