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Smart Machines, Smart Strategies: AI in Business

AI and smart machines are transforming businesses, but the impact they have in the future will be a direct result of the intelligent decisions we make about them today. Companies today understand that they must have an AI strategy in place, yet amid the hype of bots and threats of falling behind, the actual problems that intelligent systems should address and how to deploy those solutions is being lost.

In this presentation, leading industry experts will explain how AI is currently being adopted and deployed in the enterprise, and how to outline an effective AI strategy for businesses.

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  1. What philosophical and cultural provisions must businesses consider when building an AI strategy?
  2. How can you intelligently determine whether or not your business is ready for an AI solution?
  3. What are the temporal considerations when creating an AI strategy for the enterprise?



Alexa Ball, Tech Marketer, Jones-Dilworth, Inc.

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