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SXSW 2017

The Female Dilemma: Everyone's Talking About Us, B

Everyone is talking about gender parity in Hollywood this year but is anyone actually trying to create tangible solutions? Refinery29’s Amy Emmerich joins like-minded industry leaders pioneers to discuss how we can really move the needle. They'll tackle the gender gap by discussing issues of visibility, thought leadership, opportunity, and where men fit into the conversation. Giving directors visibility means shifting towards the maker, establishing these women as meaningful thought leaders. This discussion will explore how to grow visiblity, and then create opportunity, answering the question: “how can we all do better?” when it comes to paving a path to a better - more female - future.

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  1. How can the digital revolution help create equality behind the camera?
  2. How can we focus on raising the visibility of female directors - will that change the future of filmmaking?
  3. How do we bring men into the conversation?



Shannon Gibson, Exec Producer, Refinery29

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