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SXSW 2017

Privacy in an Era of Shopper-Aware Machines

Retailers and brands are adopting new technologies to better compete with e-commerce. From responsive signage, to beacons and sensors, store environments are becoming embedded with shopper-aware technologies in response to customers demands for easier, more fun, and more engaging shopping experiences. But if these devices are aware of -and responding to- shoppers, does that create new privacy concerns? In this survey of emerging technologies, Rebecca Davis, Dir of Privacy for Wal-Mart, Elizabeth Rogers, former Chief Privacy Officer of Texas, and Michael Garel, CEO of eyeQ, provider of shopper-aware personalization systems, discuss the privacy implications for shoppers, brands and retailers.

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  1. What new technologies are physical stores adopting?
  2. What kinds of personal information are retailers and brands collecting?
  3. What privacy protections are in place for shoppers today, and is the law keeping up with the pace of innovation?



Michael Garel, CEO, eyeQ Inc

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