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SXSW 2017

Creative Technology Ideas & Innovative Advertising

A look into how we are creating ideas that connect people with brands.

We'll take a look at how to come up with great ideas that leverage technology, whilst making the experiences human.

Recently our campaign for the Sydney Opera House used smart technology and social media to turn photos of this iconic building on Instagram into incredible experiences inside by inviting users to #comeonin.

Technology should always make experiences better.

"Technology and social media can provide anyone around the world with a view of the Sydney Opera House, not an experience. Our use of technology opens the building for all to see, inviting them in whilst remaining
invisible throughout.”

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  1. How do we ensure that technology is always making the experience better?
  2. How do we create and produce ideas that have technology at its core?
  3. Why do we think creative technology and connected ideas are where we should focus our creativity?



Shaun O'Connor, Creative Technology Dir, DDB Group Australia

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