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SXSWedu 2017

Science, Society & Life-Long Learning

Are we promoting science as a finite learning experience? How are we communicating the significant scientific shifts & breakthrough research to students & to communities? Educators play a significant part in helping students understand the ongoing role of science in our lives, but leveraging our collective intelligence to build learning communities around societal changes provides a path for life-long learning & inquiry. Speakers will discuss ways to develop students' ownership in their education through creating collaborative cultures between K-12 schools, higher Ed institutions, & industry. Panelists will offer ideas on how to encourage students to create authentic, real-world connections.

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  1. Redefine the role of academic institutions in supporting life-long learning for their students and the public at large.
  2. Give examples of how new approaches to citizen science allow the public to engage with both data and the substance of the scientific process.
  3. Reorient the primary drivers for education from simply content and skills expertise to their application to real-world challenges.



Margaret Rose, Specialist, Comms, Macmillan Learning

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