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SXSWedu 2017

Beyond Black/ Brown Girl Magic: Diversity Reloaded

This workshop is geared toward professionals in urban education to increase their knowledge base and understanding of Black and Latina girls. By understanding who she is and where she comes from, the educational landscape becomes a welcoming environment and education becomes more accessible and relevant. Black and Brown girls are indeed magic but how do you tap that magic and ignite her? When you educate a girl, you educate a nation and she will then in turn educate those coming after her.

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  1. Build a student profile of the girl to understand who she is and where she comes from and define the necessary components for her success.
  2. Uncovering unconscious bias, what are some the mental constructs that seep into the educational landscape.
  3. Build pathways of trust and growth for the student and her family by creating empathy for her and creating security in the world around them.



Ber-Henda Williams, Program Dir, The Power of Girlhood

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