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We Are All Scientists!


Americans have overwhelming confidence in the scientific community and in the capacity of science to improve our future. Yet fewer than one in five can name a living scientist, and confusion regarding scientific consensus on climate change and vaccine safety threaten devastating consequences. There's a growing disconnect between the perception and the practice of science, in large part due to the failings of both traditional education and the lamestream media.

We are three young scientists using the entire Internet to reach tens of millions of people, ultimately with one vital message: "We are all scientists!" Critical thinking and curiosity are for everyone, and may just save the world.

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  1. What causes science denialism, and what psychological or sociological factors can we address to prevent it?
  2. How can we show the average person that scientific thinking is not exclusively the province of the professional scientist?
  3. How can we use the Internet to improve the public’s access to science and their understanding of the scientific process?



Matt O'Dowd, Asst Professor, City University of New York

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