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Joint Space: The Intersection of Cannabis & Tech


As California moves towards the vote to legalize recreational marijuana this November, there’s a lot of potential in the cannabis space for technology to help ensure quality, safety and ease of access to consumers. CEO/founder of the popular technology company which facilitates on demand medical marijuana delivery,Eaze, Keith McCarty, will join DCM Ventures’ David Chao to discuss the outlook of the cannabis industry, the opportunities within the cannabis supply chain and what startups need to know to position themselves to service these needs.

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  1. What does the business of cannabis look like today and what changes are we expecting to see in the short-term and long-term?
  2. What are the implications of legalizing recreational marijuana? How should entrepreneurs prepare to negotiate with regulators and dispensaries?
  3. LPs and VCs have traditionally shied away from investing in cannabis startups. How has cannabis tech investing evolved over the past ten years?



Gayatri Ganapathy, Account Coord, Mighty PR

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