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SXSW 2017

How to Incubate Creativity?

Interesting new ideas emerge from interdisciplinary approaches, when designers, artists, technologists and researchers come together.

Today’s start-up ecosystem is tailored to tech entrepreneurs seeking rapid monetisation.This is not the inspiring environment designers and artists need, but their perspective is needed more than ever. The coolest new technology is nothing without interesting content or a creative mind imagining the possibilities of a new medium.

A few people around the world are realizing that and are opening interdisciplinary incubators tailored to creative projects. A space for experimentation, but at the same time a place to meet industry to test and scale their ideas.

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  1. Why do creatives need special kind of incubators and work places?
  2. How do you create a more inspiring and collaborative environment?
  3. Today's funding is going into technology and hardware. How can we finance creative content and projects over the long-term?



Sophie Lamparter, Assoc Dir, swissnex San Francisco

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