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SXSWedu 2017

No Boundaries: How Our Devices Transform Learning

In our mobile, device-driven culture, we have become used to being always on, always connected, and always within reach of the tools and information we need. This shift has produced fundamental changes in education, with student’s devices now driving much of how they engage and learn. Yet even as mobile technology promises to expand access, it also creates challenges as learning evolves beyond the classroom and must bridge a still prevalent digital-divide.

In this talk, Paul Mumma, COO of the personalized learning company Cerego, will look at how our devices are impacting learning in both traditional and new settings, and playing a pivotal role in the future of how we learn.

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  1. How do the use of mobile devices impact how students learn?
  2. How can we better optimize mobile learning?
  3. What challenges does mobile learning create for both students and instructors, and how can we overcome them?



Michelle Looney, Dir of Mktg, Cerego

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